A Bit Belated - A Busy Time of Late Print
Written by mnrolvr   
Saturday, 28 December 2013 08:51

Apologies for the lateness of the well wishes but it has been a hectic time in both the personal and club life of late.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with family and laughter.  All the very best wishes from all of us for 2014, hope it is prosperous and fun for all.

The MODE Christmas function was once again held at Braza in Darling Harbour for lunch.  I can say from personal experience there was some dry mouths and fuzzy heads the next day as most of us indulged in a rather cheeky Rose...

Looking forward to more travels in 2014 with this group of firm and close friends.

Looking very much forward to the "Presidents Dawn Run" in a couple of weeks.

Take care, laugh heaps from all of us at MODE...